Exhibition Overview

The Taiwan Smart Life Exhibition Hall focuses on human-centric smart life solutions. It showcases how Taiwan is leveraging ICT and AIoT to adaptively connect and integrate Taiwan's hardware and software offerings to realize a future lifestyle that blends together aesthetics, well-being and convenience. 

Through contextual displays of living spaces, such as lobby, lounge, bedroom, office, bedroom and bathroom, you get to witness the effective mix of hard and soft power wielded by Taiwan's SMEs. We offer holistic solutions as well as tailor-made product services to link up with the products in your country. 

We are confident that in the Post-COVID-19 world, Taiwan’s consistent product quality and technology advantages will allow consumers in your country to experience the high-caliber excellence of Taiwan’s products. We also look forward to collaborating with you to push the market forward and create win-wins.
Why Taiwan

Professional know-hows and agility are the strong suit of Taiwan's SMEs that represent more than 95% of companies on the island. Engaging in manufacturing, service industry, education and learning, healthcare, transportation and logistics, e-commerce, smart life, green energy and environmental protection, and public services, these SMEs have accumulated a wealth of experience and achievements in ICT applications, professional technology and know-how integration. Taiwan's SMEs are without a doubt the best supply chain partner for international enterprises seeking diversified and innovative business opportunities in the rapidly changing market. 

To respond more flexibly and swiftly to the innovation needs of customers at home and abroad, Taiwan's SMEs are consolidating their service offerings and advantages across industries to create robust ecosystems founded on market needs, cross-industry collaboration and mutually beneficial growth. This synergistic coordination is conducive to the joint development of holistic solutions and creating long-term cooperation and co-creation relationships with international channel partners.
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